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  • Will you buy a zip track blinds which is already 3 times of your current quotes?

    This month we finished a special zip track blinds order from Alibaba: client need 1.2mx1.2m blinds and got quotes from many suppliers as most clients usually do, comparing to the the cheapest price, client said our price is 3 times of other manufacturers.

    We also quoted all of our related zip track blinds accessories as the accessories we used to do ready made blinds are just the same as accessories we sell separately, when we think client will choose cheaper price and we turn to talk about blinds accessories project, clietn placed order of the ready made blinds. finished blinds and packing pictures as below.

    As client, they will always get cheaper or higher price if he keep asking for quotes from different suppliers because suppliers use different fabric and accessories to make blinds, how to choose the most suitable for the buyer? choose the products not only based on price factor.



    Post time: Apr-20-2021