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  • Manual vertical shades and other shade details

    3. The aluminum louver vertical blind adopts 89mm aluminum alloy blades, the surface has a metallic luster, is wear-resistant, does not age, and is easy to clean, but the disadvantage is that it is heavy and will produce a little noise when opening and closing.
    4. Bamboo-wood vertical blinds are similar to bamboo-wood horizontal venetian blinds. They are made of basswood, southern bamboo, waterproof technical wood, etc. The texture is relatively hard, which is rarely seen in the market today.
    technical parameter
    1. According to the appearance, it can be divided into: straight vertical curtain and curved vertical curtain;
    3. The maximum width of the curtain (arc track): 5.8 meters;
    4. Maximum height: 4 meters;
    5. Width of curtain fabric: 100mm or 89mm;
    6. The minimum arc radius of the vertical curtain: R≥500mm (arc center angle≥110);
    Application Environment
    Suitable for meeting rooms, VIP rooms, offices, hospitals and other public places.
    Cleaning and maintenance
    Pulling the curtains frequently will reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt. Gently tap and dust the fabric with a feather duster.
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    Post time: Nov-21-2022

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