Why Choose Groupeve?

Groupeve Teams continuously aspire to exceeding the needs of our clients first time and every time. We focus on meeting the requirements of our clients by providing them best complete supply solutions custom made for their every project. Doing business across borders successfully requires understanding of cultural and technical issues involved. Different specifications and performance criteria are often used in the country of destination and in the country of origin of products. We make it our mission to supply clients with products that meet their specification requirements and consult them to improve the quality of the products they deliver to their clients and minimizing their costs. It is our aim is to prolong this path by focusing on safety, our social responsibilities as a global citizen, as well as the environment. 

Groupeve as strong and growing company which always offers most competitive solution and business cooperation.
Professional clients are our best partner.
• Professional on International Trade.
• Have Own Factory.
• Superior Forwarder Team.
• Fast Delivery Time.
• We have own factories in Shandong province and Sichuan province.
• Always offer most competitive price and superior quality item for customers.

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