Groupeve supply superior Sunscreen Fabric for Building,we have two kinds: Fiberglass & Polyester.


Groupeve Sunscreen Fabric is made of Polyester yarn and PVC, which is widely used in blocking out the harmful elements of strong shining sunlight and ultraviolet ray, and performs perfect in the sun-shading field. It is a versatile solution for all who want to enjoy the outdoors without risking too much sun and heat exposure. The innovative, breathable fabric will allow heat to escape while cooling the area, reducing temperatures up to 15 degrees.

Groupeve Sunscreen Fabric is widely used for indoor sunshade roller shutter, vertical Blinds, all kinds of ceiling blinds, Roman shades, Decoration and partition.

Concerning different types of windows, the most effective way is to reduce interior heat and glare, protect interior furnishings, also make the view comfortable, at the same time, which caters for the interior design with individuation and elegance.Enhance privacy as you wish. Ideal for patios, play areas and pet enclosures. 



Groupeve sunscreen fabric is environmental friendly, non-toxic and unscented; it can effectively keep the dazzling light out, block the noise, heat and harmful UV ray. You can make it into any size to fit your needs because it is convenient to operate, clean and maintain, it helps contribute to a healthy life you ever imagined.

  • Blocks the harmful solar radiation, 95% ultraviolet ray, reduce glare and keep a clear view of the outside at the same time, make sure you can get soft, comfortable sights and provide extremely efficient and flexible sun light control.
  • Protect privacy. You can easily see through our sunscreen fabric directly outside, but the fabric block out the view from the other side, people from outside can’t see the view inside, this way makes sure your privacy well protected.
  • It can ensure smooth flow of air inside the house to cool your house, so you can save up to 40% energy cost caused by using air-conditioner or fan.
  • It is fire-resistant because of our Polyester fabric has better frame retardant property than other synthetic fiber.
  • It is highly damp proof, resists mold and mildew; bacteria can’t find a place to breed.
  • Dimensionally stable, it is high resistant to aging, abrasion, stretching, distortion, shrinkage or twisting. As time goes by, Groupeve sunscreen fabric will always keep the same shape and absolute smooth surface.
  • It’s anti-static, dust proof and very convenient to operate, clean up and maintain. This makes it to be a new fashion decoration with simple design.
  • The perfect saturated color won’t fade along with the time changing, ensuring a long serving life. 




Groupeve Sunscreen Fabric has been used as sunscreen curtains and roller blind, widely applied in both indoor and outdoor of public places like:

  • Large shopping mall
  • Hospital
  • Airport
  • Business and administrative office building
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Theatre
  • Gymnasium
  • Fancy Hotel
  • Greenhouse
  • Factory
  • Open Commercial Pedestrian Street
  • Coffee bar
  • Tea House
  • Private Villa Residence 

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