PRLC Switchable Film


Polymer Retiform Liquid Crystal


GROUPEVE PRLC Smart Film, a new generation of Smart Film which is also made of two layers of transparent conductive films sandwiched with polymer network liquid crystal material, is the core material to make smart glass. The principle of PRLC Smart Film is similar with PDLC Film but with greater properties.

To some degree, PRLC Smart Film is kind of upgrade to PDLC film. Its outstanding electro‐optical characteristic enables it to a wider range of application in commercial entertainment, aviation and maritime, rail transportation, store windows and other critical national facilities, sites and so on



The liquid crystal PRLC Smart Film is not spherical (or ellipsoidal) droplets, but distributed in the polymeric three-dimensional network to form a continuous network of channels When the power is OFF, the crystals net block the light and the product appears shaded. When product is ON, the liquid crystal molecules align and the inside light can penetrate through it. Thus, the product appears transparent.



  • The projection brightness remains the same in any angle. 
  • Ultra Clear Transparency: Very low Haze,<3%
  • Operating Voltage: under the safe voltage 
  • Great projection property: both front-projection and rear-projection, visual angle 360 degree
  • Very Stable towards temperature changing
  • Never Delaminating if no human damage is made










MAX. Size

Adhesive film: 1.2 x 4m
Non-adhesive: 1.2 x 4m




ON: >93%


OFF <7%





Visual Angle




Operating Voltage




0.02 (A/)


Power Consumption



Responding Time

ON-OFF and OFF-ON:<0.05s



Durable Temperature

-30°C to 90°C


Switch Time

>80,000,000 times



With this superior property, Groupeve PRLC Smart Film is wildly use in many field and contribute to great effect.




The most impressive application of PRLC Smart Film is Front-projection. Compared with PDLC film, PRLC Smart Film shows us its super ability in projection especially in Front-projection. This is what other switchable films can’t do.

Privacy protection and energy saving 

Currently, this product has been widely applied in the sheds, doors, windows and ceilings of car, bath room, shower enclosure, villas, Conference room, insurance companies, supermarket ,hotels, restaurants, churches and command centers. PRLC Smart Film applying in luxury hotels, flats and family shower rooms can turn to transparent or opaque easily according to user’s need, which not only ensures personal privacy, but also adds more zest for life.

Displaying and Security

In banking, jewelry industry and exhibition industry counters, bulletproof glass and glass of display are made with PRLC Smart Film. When robbery happens, the glass can instantaneously turn into opaque through a variety of ways like remote control so that criminals lose their target which can guarantee maximize personal and property safety.


PRLC Smart Film can take the place of curtains in the application for medical institutions. Its firmness, safety, noise insulation and environmental protection can help calm the patients down and recovery. It is used in private clinical areas, nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms. 

Projection screen 

Application for 2D/3D computer and TV monitor, 3D glasses are no more needed when watching a movie or playing online game. PRLC Smart Film can be used in projection screen The application is as the projection screens of shopping plazas, It will function as electronic glass curtain for inner heat insulation in the day time, In the evening, it would be the perfect large free billboard, flash advertisements on it attract public attention.


It can control the glare daylight instantly by passengers or crew and they can enjoy view with variable tint. Also it eliminates shades. With the great thermal and sound insulation PRLC Smart Film create us a cooler and quieter cabin. Owing to its light weight and firm stability, it saves weight and increases cabin space. The satisfactory of the privacy protection makes it a modern design option. 

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